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Welcome to RawCourage.TV!

Hi There,Welcome to RawCourage.TV

I’m delighted that you’ve landed on RawCourage.TV and hope you’ll find something to inspire you – in your work, relationships, leadership and life.

I love women! I also believe deeply that the world needs more women who are willing to speak up more bravely, dare more boldly and refuse to settle for less than the biggest life they have within them to live.

It’s why I have created RawCourage.TV. Having wrestled that little voice of self-doubt for much of my life, I know there are many women just like me who need a little encouragement. Smart women, creative women, capable women…women who are hungry for uplifting and practical insights by real people talking about the real challenges we all face.

While the size of my vision for RawCourage.TV transcends my mastery in online media, I hope that it goes some way towards enlarging the conversations about what it takes for women to step into their power, to embrace their ‘enoughness’ and to make the difference our difference makes.

All of which takes courage. Raw courage.

I’ve spent much of my life trying to find my courage. Since growing up the big sister of seven kids on a dairy farm in rural Australia I’ve had to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ countless times. Backpacking solo around the world. Battling an eating disorder. Surviving an armed robbery. Leaving the safety of the corporate world and starting a second career with four children under six.

Time and time again I’ve learned that living bravely is indispensable for living well.

It’s also why I’m so passionately committed to helping women just like you – women who have so much talent and value to offer the world – to step through the fears that keep you from being the most powerful force for good you can possibly be in the world and creating a life that lights you up.

So far I’ve done more than a dozen Conversations on Courage interviews with a diverse range of brave-hearted people – from Olympians to Holocaust survivors to corporate leaders to trailblazing entrepreneurs. I hope their stories inspire you to rethink how you see yourself. Most of all, I hope they encourage you to take a brave step forward toward the future you most want to create.

Please share the videos that inspire you most. After all, we go further together than we ever can alone.

Live Bravely.


If you’d like to learn more about me or what else I do, pop over to MargieWarrell.com