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Why Avoiding Sadness Can Lead To Depression

Author Margie Warrell interviews Marianne Williamson on living in a culture of depression, sitting with pain, raising brave children & rising above fear and becoming who we are. Marianne’s book From Tears To Triumph focuses on how we can experience life’s dark and painful periods with greater courage and compassion.

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How To Raise Brave Children

You Are Already Enough. Never Doubt It.

Stressed Out?!!! How to short-circuit your stress response

Author, Coach, and Forbes contributor Margie Warrell reminds us that the opposite of stress is death! Margie explains that stress itself isn’t the problem – it’s our response that’s often problematic.

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Change: Are you making the most of it… or is it making you miserable?


All change, even change for the better, brings us psychological discomfort. Learning how to adapt to change can help you avoid a lot of misery, angst and stress. Bestselling author and Master Coach Margie Warrell shares strategies for adusting to change with greater flexibility and optimism, so that you can seize the opportunities it holds. For her free newsletter and support for making the most of the changes in your life at www.margiewarrell.com