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Facing change? How to embrace change with courage


In a fast changing world we have to change how we approach our lives in order to set ourselves up to thrive in the world we’ll be living in ten years from now. Margie Warrell, Author of Stop Playing Safe discusses why you have to challenge the assumptions you have about how the world works, and what is possible for you with in. What could you accomplish if you were being courageous?

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“Stop Playing Safe will help you harness the courage to take the risks that make sense – and give you the success you want.” – Randy Gage, New York Times Bestselling Author

Why it’s crucial to Stop Playing Safe in business & life. Margie Warrell on Sky News


Author & Forbes Columnist Margie Warrell discusses her new book Stop Playing Safe (Wiley) on Sky Business News with Carson Scott. More information: www.stopplayingsafe.com