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Do women lack the confidence of men? How to build confidence

Bestselling Author, Forbes Columnist, and Founder of Global Courage – Margie Warrell empowers people globally to live and lead more courageously.  Here Margie discusses how we have to affect change inside ourselves before we can create meaningful change outside us. To get more info about her speaking programs visit www.margiewarrell.com

Glass Ceiling vs Glass Cage: What’s the biggest barrier holding women back?

Bestselling Author Margie Warrell is passionate about empowering women to grow their influence & impact. In this national interview on Australia’s Sunrise morning show, she shares how women can break through the glass cage and achieve greater career success. Get her latest book Stop Playing Safe at www.stopplayingsafe.com
Read her Forbes column Glass Ceiling or Glass Cage at http://onforb.es/14tbiCC

Closing The Gender Gap For Women In Leadership

Judith Beck, founder of Financial Executive Women, discusses with Margie Warrell, gender differences and what it will take to close the gender gap — more self-promotion & delegation, less perfectionism and hesitancy!

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Margie Warrell on FoxNews & Friends – Marissa Mayer’s Parental Leave


Bestselling Author, Forbes Columnist and Leadership Coach Margie Warrell talks to Fox News about Yahoo’s, CEO Marissa Mayer’s decision to extend the paternity leave.

To get a copy of Margie’s new book Stop Playing Safe visit www.stopplayingsafe.com