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Holding People Accountable

Do you struggle with holding people accountable? You’re not alone! Best-selling author and speaker Margie Warrell gives some suggestions on how we can keep people executing responsibly.

How to Speak Up with Courage without Talking Down

Margie talks about how to speak with courage, have difficult conversations and learn to speak up and uphold your values and integrity, especially in the workplace, on the Let’s Talk Live show on News Channel 8. September 24, 2009.

Margie Discusses her book FIND YOUR COURAGE

Margie talks with News Channel 8 DC about her book, Find Your Courage, along with tips for how to live your life with more courage, how to have courageous conversations and why they are so important to our happiness and how to create a vision for the life you truly want to live.

Margie Warrell – Find your ‘Courage Pose’ to become more Courageous!

Bestselling Author, Forbes Columnist, Keynote Speaker, Coach and Media Commentator – Margie Warrell empowers people to live and lead more courageously.  In this excerpt from her Courageous Leadership keynote, she shares how you you can find your “Courage Pose” and why shift in how you hold yourself physically shifts how you feel psychologically.  Get more info at margiewarrell.com

Why it’s crucial to Stop Playing Safe in business & life. Margie Warrell on Sky News


Author & Forbes Columnist Margie Warrell discusses her new book Stop Playing Safe (Wiley) on Sky Business News with Carson Scott. More information: www.stopplayingsafe.com