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How to Create an Emotional Stimulus Plan

Margie Warrell, courage expert, best-selling author and executive life coach, gives tips on how to stay positive during these economic times and by creating your own emotional stimulus plan. April 16, 2009.

Money and Your Honey: How to Keep Finances from Affecting Your Relationship


Life coach, best-selling author, speaker and courage expert Margie Warrell talks about how to keep your relationship fresh and how to balance the stresses of today’s economic times while maintaining a loving relationship with your significant other on the Let’s Talk Live Show on DC’s News Channel 8.

How to Stay Up When Your Job Search Has You Down


With unemployment at its highest levels in years, looking for a job in today’s tough economy can really get you down. Life coach, speaker and author Margie Warrell gives advice on how to stay positive if you’re looking for a job and what steps you can take to help you find a job.