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Stressed Out?!!! How to short-circuit your stress response

Author, Coach, and Forbes contributor Margie Warrell reminds us that the opposite of stress is death! Margie explains that stress itself isn’t the problem – it’s our response that’s often problematic.

For additional resources on managing stress please visit margiewarrell.com

Feeling stressed? 3 Minutes to short circuit stress & reclaim calm

Media Personality, Author, Coach, and Forbes contributor Margie Warrell offers a simple yet powerful exercise that helps you identify your earliest stress signals in order to head off the destructive emotional impulses that can quickly take over rational, reasonable thought.  For additional resources and tips for managing stress please visit margiewarrell.com

Are women more emotionally intelligent than men?

Bestselling author Margie Warrell on Australia’s Sunrise TV – talks about women, emotional intelligence and how Lady Ashton from the EU is being praised for her emotional intelligence in helping broker a deal with Iran to halt their nuclear program. To read Margie’s Forbes column on this visit: http://onforb.es/19geQ7B

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Need advice? Coach Margie Warrell Answers Viewer Questions on TV Talk Show


Talk Show Resident Coach Margie Warrell answers viewer questions during her regular segment on Washington D.C.’s daily talk show. Viewers asked Margie about how to repair relationship with a mother who abandoned them long ago, how to pick the best college, deal with friends who have habits you disapprove of and make your spouse happy! If you have challenges you’d like Margie to help you with she’d love to hear from you. www.margiewarrell.com or www.facebook.com/margiewarrell

Emotional Intelligence – How to Boost Your E.Q.


Margie Warrell, Resident Coach of Washington D.C.’s daily talk show “Let’s Talk Live” gives you the lowdown on “Emotional Intelligence” then answers viewer questions on how to apply EQ to reduce stress, manage conflict and get better outcomes in all areas of your life. A Keynote Speaker and Bestselling Author of Find Your Courage, sign up for Warrell’s free newsletter at http://www.margiewarrell.com