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Who is responsible for closing the gender gap?

Bestselling author and women’s career coach Margie Warrell shares her insights on how to live and lead more bravely in this interview with Wiley Publishing. Wiley having published Margie’s two most recent books Stop Playing Safe and Brave.

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Overcome Your Fear And Self-Doubt 

Find clarity amidst the busyness of life

Taking on a new challenge? Here’s your first step

Self-Confidence & Taking Career Risks

Founder of Financial Executive Women, Judith Beck, talks about how important it is for women to be willing to advocate for themselves. She stresses the importance of having a mentor or ‘go to’ person and taking career risks.

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The value you put on yourself determines the value others will put on you.

Bestselling Author and women’s leadership coach, Margie Warrell, speaks at the EY Women’s Leadership breakfast in Washington D.C. and challenges the women to own their value.
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The Gender Gap: Are women holding the glass ceiling in place?

Bestselling Author of Stop Playing Safe and women’s leadership expert, Margie Warrell, speaks one-on-one with Debbie Kissire at the EY Women’s Leadership breakfast in Washington D.C. and challenges the women to be brave in conversation.
Margie is very aware her dress isn’t pulled down properly and that she is showing more leg than she’d have liked! A clear wardrobe malfunction!
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Women make great leaders for many reasons. Here’s a few!

Bestselling Author, Forbes Columnist and Women’s Leadership Coach Margie Warrell talks to ABC News about women in the leadership, success in the workplace and CEO Marissa Mayer making bold decisions in the workplace.

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Closing The Gender Gap For Women In Leadership

Judith Beck, founder of Financial Executive Women, discusses with Margie Warrell, gender differences and what it will take to close the gender gap — more self-promotion & delegation, less perfectionism and hesitancy!

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