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Train The Brave: How to Grow Your Courage Muscles

When we step out of our comfort zone to do things that inspire us, we’re often scared. But when we do them we are building our courage. Training the brave begins with teaching you how to grow your Courage Muscles for life.  In this video, bestselling author Margie Warrell addresses the March of Dimes Conference to challenge them to step out of areas of comfort and into areas of passion.

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Doubt Yourself Less, Back Yourself More

If you’re not pushing yourself, you’re not growing. Each of us have the ability to learn how to step through our fears to pursue those things that inspire us and change those which don’t. Best-selling author Margie Warrell sits down with Business Chicks CEO Emma Isaacs and talks about how to doubt yourself less and live bigger and braver.


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Own Your Fear So It Doesn’t Own You

Margie Warrell speaks with Layne Beachley on overcoming fear, working your way out of your comfort zone, and focusing on the things that inspire you. She shares openly and candidly with Raw Courage TV and is sure to be a favorite of viewers.

Having spent two decades breaking down barriers in her chosen sport, Layne is a seven-time Women’s World Champion surfer and is married to rock star Kirk Pengilly of INXS. In 2015 she been appointed an Officer in the Order of Australia (AO), the highest award given for contribution to sport in Australia Day honors.

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Margie Warrell shares her journey to finding courage

Margie Warrell (on Philadelphia’s 10! Show) talks about how she found her own courage and why she wrote a book to help others find their’s. Warrell shares that courage isn’t the absence of fear or doubt, but action in their presence.