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Managing your money in tough economic times

Margie Warrell, executive coach/speaker/best-selling author talks about how to  find your courage in tough economic times and get back on track after losing your job. Part of a special Mind Over Money series on CBS’s Washington, DC affiliate WUSA-TV. October 9, 2009

Are you afraid of a “Courageous Conversation?” Author Margie Warrell on how to have one

Margie Warrell, Author of Stop Playing Safe says that too often we avoid the most important conversations because they are the most difficult. In her book she shares keys to engaging in ‘Courageous Conversations’ to build trust, understanding, influence and more rewarding relationships.

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We all struggle with self-doubt. We all feel anxious about not having what it takes to succeed, of failing or looking foolish. Margie’s book will show you how to engage in bigger conversations to produce better outcomes in your work and life.What could you accomplish if you were more courageous?

“Stop Playing Safe will help you harness the courage to take the risks that make sense – and give you the success you want.” – Randy Gage, New York Times Bestselling Author

Why you must lean toward risk (and why you’re wired not to!)

Author Margie Warrell draws on her background in business, psychology and coaching to help explain the neuroscience of risk taking and why people need to lean toward risk.  Stop Playing Safe (stopplayingsafe.com) is a bestselling guidebook that helps readers “Know their why” so they can better assess risk, make changes they’ve been avoiding, grow their ‘risk tolerance’ to make changes, accomplish more and build resilience.  Get Margie’s Live Boldly Newsletter at margiewarrell.com