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Live Life The Way It Works For You

Jacinta Carboon shares with Margie Warrell how she was able to throw off society’s expectations and live life the way it works for her. They discuss the meaning of a marriage, how conventional relationships do not fit all lifestyles, and how different people can support their partners in different ways.

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End To An Abusive Relationship

Kerry Armstrong put an end to an abusive relationship after 22 years. In Part 2 of her conversation with coach & bestselling author Margie Warrell, Kerry shares how she finally found the courage to walk away. While you may never have found yourself in this situation, there’s a lesson for us all. Not believing in our own innate worthiness can drive us to settle for far less than we want, or need or deserve. At home. At work. In life. 

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Stand up for yourself. In any situation.

Quit Your Job To Pursue Your Passion?

Stand up for yourself. In any situation.

Stand up for yourself. While you may never have found yourself in the situation, Kerry Armstrong has a lesson for us all. Kerry stayed in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship for 22 years before she found the courage to leave it. In this interview with bestselling author Margie Warrell, Kerry shares why she stayed & what she discovered in the process.

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End To An Abusive Relationship.

Quit Your Job To Pursue Your Passion?

Surf-star weds Rock-Star: Layne Beachley on Making Marriage Work

When a surf-star weds rock-star there’s bound to be differences. In this courageous conversation, best selling author and speaker Margie Warrell speaks with Layne Beachley about commonalities, compromise and commitment in marriage. Layne is a seven-time Women’s World Champion surfer and is married to rock star Kirk Pengilly of INXS.

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Need advice? Coach Margie Warrell Answers Viewer Questions on TV Talk Show


Talk Show Resident Coach Margie Warrell answers viewer questions during her regular segment on Washington D.C.’s daily talk show. Viewers asked Margie about how to repair relationship with a mother who abandoned them long ago, how to pick the best college, deal with friends who have habits you disapprove of and make your spouse happy! If you have challenges you’d like Margie to help you with she’d love to hear from you. www.margiewarrell.com or www.facebook.com/margiewarrell