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How To Embrace Change (Pt 3)

Bestselling author and leadership advisor Margie Warrell talks to Bill Marriott, Chairman of the Board of Marriott International on the dynamics of managing change.

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Trust Yourself – What do you have to win?

Best selling author Margie Warrell speaks with Australia executive Jacinta Carboon about the positive impact that the ability to trust yourself can have in making your own opportunities and networking courageously throughout your life.

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Change: Are you making the most of it… or is it making you miserable?


All change, even change for the better, brings us psychological discomfort. Learning how to adapt to change can help you avoid a lot of misery, angst and stress. Bestselling author and Master Coach Margie Warrell shares strategies for adusting to change with greater flexibility and optimism, so that you can seize the opportunities it holds. For her free newsletter and support for making the most of the changes in your life at www.margiewarrell.com