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Put Your Career In Perspective: NBC News Correspondant Sara James

Sometimes life lands you in a place you didn’t think you would land. In this interview for Raw Courage TV, bestselling author Margie Warrell and NBC news correspondent Sara James talk about resilience.

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Build Your Emotional Muscle

Don’t Miss The Scenery Along The Way

How To Start Over From Zero

Own Your Worth, Ask For What You Want

Surround Yourself With Others Who Empower You

Build your resilience. Never let your failures & setbacks define you.

So now that you’ve identified your hot-button stress signals, how do you keep your cool?  Media Personality, Author, Coach, and Forbes contributor Margie Warrell reminds you why you should slow down, step back, and regain control of your emotional impulses to see your challenges in a more constructive light.  For additional resources please visit margiewarrell.com

Focus on what you can do, not on what you can’t

Bestselling Author, Forbes Columnist, Keynote Speaker, Coach and Media Commentator – Margie Warrell is passionate about challenging people to live and lead more courageously.  In this excerpt from Margie’s keynote on Courageous Leadership, she is discussing the importance of learning how to reframe your perspective so you can focus on what you can do, versus getting stuck in negativity dwelling on what you can’t.  For more information visit www.margiewarrell.com