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Living Authentically In A Superficial Society

Margie Warrell talks to Carly Findlay about moving beyond the superficial and living a more meaningful life, focused on kindness, generosity and refusing to succumb to the pressure to fit our social norms.

Growing Up with a Rare Skin Disease

Living with a rare skin disease is something that Carly Findlay knows first-hand. Raw Courage TV founder, Margie Warrell, interviews Carly Findlay on what it is like to grow up with a rare condition and what it has taught her about herself, life, defining oneself and living bravely. This brave woman shares incredible wisdom to inspire us all.

This May, Carly is organizing a special event for adults, children and families affected by Ichthyosis. This is the first time such a large event has been held. Donations to support it can be made here.