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How To Make Changes That Stick

Bestselling author & master coach Margie Warrell shares why change is hard & how to make changes that stick. She joins the hosts of The Daily Edition to talk on The Psychology Of Change.

Sign up for her free “Train The Brave Challenge” – a 10 day program to help you build the clarify, confidence & courage to make changes in your work & life. http://TrainTheBrave.com

Challenges And Setbacks of Launching Thank You Water

The challenges and setbacks of launching a social enterprise can be numerous. Justine Flynn, co-founder of Thank You Water shares how they overcame the many ‘road bumps’ and setbacks they had pursuing their passion. (http://thankyou.co)

Launching A Dream With Passion

Daring To Make A Difference & Staying Inspired

Build your resilience. Never let your failures & setbacks define you.

So now that you’ve identified your hot-button stress signals, how do you keep your cool?  Media Personality, Author, Coach, and Forbes contributor Margie Warrell reminds you why you should slow down, step back, and regain control of your emotional impulses to see your challenges in a more constructive light.  For additional resources please visit margiewarrell.com

Margie Warrell – How to bounce back faster & build your resilience

Bestselling Author, Forbes Columnist, and Founder of Global Courage – Margie Warrell empowers people globally to live and lead more courageously.  Here Margie discusses how we can build our natural resilience throughout our lives and why doing so is essential to our happiness, health and success. To get more info about her speaking programs visit margiewarrell.com

How to Build Your Resilience to Bounce Back Faster, Stronger & Better Off

Margie Warrell, Author of Stop Playing Safe discusses why we should never let our setbacks (from job loss to relationship breakdowns) define us, and how to find opportunity in adversity. In her book Margie details the five steps of The SOAR Approach to leveraging adversity, and responding to your setbacks, struggles more constructively and courageously.

Get your copy of Margie’s new book today at stopplayingsafe.com . “Warrell provides powerful and practical advice for overcoming our in nate fear of risk and vulnerability. It bears reading and re-reading for all who strive to become their best selves.” – Dr Gordon Livingston, Bestselling Author of Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart

What could you accomplish if you were more courageous?

Launching A Dream With Passion

Justine Flynn, co-founder of Thank You Water shares the inspiration of launching a dream with passion which became the biggest social enterprise in Australia’s history.