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Bill Marriott’s Vision for Times Square Marquee Hotel (Pt 1)

Bestselling author and leadership advisor Margie Warrell talks to Bill Marriott, Chairman of the Board of Marriott International on vision and taking risks.

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Women in Leadership: Why women make great leaders.

Bestselling Author, Executive Coach and Women’s Leadership expert,  Margie Warrell discusses how all leadership begins with self leaderships. She shares why women are effective leaders but how too often women sell themselves short. Margie shares strategies to help women become better leaders and move up the leadership ranks.

Harness the Power of Vision


Courage expert, media guest/speaker and executive coach Margie Warrell talks about how by creating a vision for every area of your life, you become more powerful in creating success in that area of your life. If you haven’t been experiencing success, then ask yourself “What do I really want?” Vision = Personal Power

What would you do if you weren’t afraid of failure? Finding Tall Poppy Courage.


Courage expert, media guest/speaker and master coach Margie Warrell talks about the “Tall Poppy Syndrome” and how fear of criticism and failure can keep us from sticking our neck out and grabbing life by the horns. By the way, to finish the story, Margie’s sister Anne did go on to become a doctor and her parents both supported her in becoming a journalist. She just chose a different direction.

Lead with a Vision: Great leaders expand what others see as possible.


Media Personality, Author, Coach, and Forbes contributor Margie Warrell shares ways to engage and influence others by creating and sharing a vision. For free newsletter and bonus gift please visit www.margiewarrell.com