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Find Clarity Amidst The Busyness Of Life

Bestselling author and women’s career coach Margie Warrell shares her insights on how to live and lead more bravely in this interview with Wiley Publishing. Wiley having published Margie’s two most recent books Stop Playing Safe and Brave.

Watch more of Margie’s interview with Wiley:

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Margie Warrell on CNBC: Getting Workaholics to Unplug

Best-selling author, Forbes Columnist, & Performance Coach, Margie Warrell talks to CNBC’s Erin Burnett about how to get workaholics to unplug and enjoy downtime and vacations. June 15, 2011.

Margie Warrell on Al Jazeera: Can Government legislate work/life balance?


Technology enables us to respond to work requests 24/7, which makes setting boundaries and switching off more difficult than ever before. But is it Government’s role to legislate employers to pay overtime for emails they send employees outside work hours? Workplace Performance Expert, Author, and Forbes Columnist, Margie Warrell wages in on the Al Jazeera network. www.margiewarrell.com