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Rethink The Work Family Balance

It can be a struggle to reconcile pursuing your dream with managing the home front. Margie Warrell and Emma Isaacs challenge us to rethink the work family balance.

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Quit Your Job To Pursue Your Passion?

Should you quit your job to pursue your passion? Kerry Armstrong understands. Kerry quit her high paying sales job to pursue her passion for art. Her paintings are now hanging in galleries & homes around the world! In this interview she shares with Margie Warrell how she finally found the courage to leave the security of a salary behind.

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Courage Coach Shares Tips On Finding Work in New Industry


Courage Coach and Success Expert Margie Warrell offers client advice on Let’s Talk Live for finding employment in new industry after relocating to Washington D.C. from Boston MA. Her 4 strategies apply to anyone unemployed or transitioning to a new industry or just starting out in their career.

Margie Warrell on Al Jazeera: Can Government legislate work/life balance?


Technology enables us to respond to work requests 24/7, which makes setting boundaries and switching off more difficult than ever before. But is it Government’s role to legislate employers to pay overtime for emails they send employees outside work hours? Workplace Performance Expert, Author, and Forbes Columnist, Margie Warrell wages in on the Al Jazeera network. www.margiewarrell.com