Embrace Change, Risk Mistakes: Bill Marriott Interview

“You can’t succeed if you don’t risk failing.” ~ Bill Marriott

RawCourage.TV founder Margie Warrell sits down with Mr. Bill Marriott, Executive Chairman of Marriott International, to talk about change, mistakes and what he has learned along the way. about embracing change and risking mistakes. Another inspiring video in the Brave Interview series to help us all build resilience, speak more courageously and lead purposeful lives.

See more of Margie’s interview with Bill Marriott here:

Bill Marriott’s Vision for Times Square Marquee Hotel (Pt 1)

Bill Marriott on the Starwood Acquisition (Pt 2)

Bill Marriott on Embracing Change (Pt 3)

Bill Marriott on Leading With Humility (Pt 4)

Build Confidence by Doing, Failing & Learning (Pt 5)

Putting People First Always Pays Off (Pt 6)

Do Leaders Ever Have Balance? (Pt 7)

Bill Marriott Turns The Table To Interview Margie Warrell (Pt 8)

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