Calling It Quits & Failing Forward

In 2008 the world saw Layne Beachley calling it quits. For 19 years her name was synonymous with surfing. Today, RawCourage.TV founder Margie Warrell speaks with Layne about how to know when to quit and how to move on from failure. Layne is a seven-time Women’s World Champion surfer and is married to rock star Kirk Pengilly of INXS.

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  1. Vanessa
    Vanessa says:

    Layne had a crack at it, albeit a number of times, but some times the hardest decision is to cut your losses & move on…not many people can do this because their ego gets in the way! True strength & leadership is saying we tried but this isn’t going to work then re-group to find a way through & some times in another way or not at all…& that’s ok too! Very inspirational, not every one can do it so I take my hat off to you, Layne!


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