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How to stay positive in difficult times

Margie Warrell, executive coach, speaker, author and courage expert talks about how to find the silver lining during difficult times on the Let’s Talk Live show on DC’s News Channel 8.

Want to be more optimistic? Margie Warrell discusses optimism on the Today Show

Struggling to stay positive? Enjoy Margie’s interview on NBC’s TODAY SHOW about being optimistic, even during the most difficult times. Read my article on it at margiewarrell.com/blog/the-power-of-optimism/

Exactly what is optimism? Learn how it makes all the difference in tough times.

Courage expert, media guest/speaker and executive coach Margie Warrell makes the case for optimism. Learn more about her work at margiewarrell.com

Margie Warrell – How to bounce back faster & build your resilience

Bestselling Author, Forbes Columnist, and Founder of Global Courage – Margie Warrell empowers people globally to live and lead more courageously.  Here Margie discusses how we can build our natural resilience throughout our lives and why doing so is essential to our happiness, health and success. To get more info about her speaking programs visit margiewarrell.com