How to stay positive in difficult times

Margie Warrell, executive coach, speaker, author and courage expert talks about how to find the silver lining during difficult times on the Let’s Talk Live show on DC’s News Channel 8.

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  1. maria
    maria says:

    To be honest, the only thing that keeps me going sometimes is my religion. I remember that I don’t have to figure this out, God has already done that, and is making it right. When I cry he is upset, and he holds my hand like any good father does. I’m like a child, what I can’t understand, he does understand. That’s basically it. That saves me. I find ease in knowing that this is all being figured out for me, and that he understands.Where I can’t find answers I remind myself, ‘It’s being taken care of. It will make sense someday, you’re being taken care of, just trust so, he loves you.’ I know that this world is ugly, but someday I’ll never see pain and ugly again. Someday it will all be better.


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